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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Midfall Tuesday night, and the wicked crickets are dancing their jokey jigs all around me.

Yes, my automobile has fallen into disrepair.

Yes, we stand stranded high atop this hill upon the horrible highway.

Yes, the ball bearings could no longer bear the weight of the awful axes, the stupid seats, the hideous hood and the grinding gearshifts. And no, I could not help but bawl, when the ball gave way and the whole haul ground to a halt on the steamy night-timey ground. And then: The crickets. Hopping. Cavorting and shaking their rotund red asses with that most ugly of damn cricket fan-dances. The cars whizzed past, the Microregion's most employed citizens returning home to hone their skills at the mandolin and the Xbox 360.

THUS: We stand here silently; the crickets cricketing angrily, the lorries zipping past with their ethanol fuels and their clip-clop horsey-horse hybrid engines, the midfall night-time ugly-blue dark tackling us, our thumbs (who wants a ride? this guy.) out, our one hand brandishing a whole barbecued chicken (to entice potential carriers), our feet indefensibly unshod (for comfort), and our eyes crying the tears of the insufficient.

It is night. The crickets are angry again. The chicken begins to smell.

This is what we get for driving a 1984 Toyota Corolla.

I wonder how that Transformers movie will turn out.

Life, in all its insufficiency, returns.

Thank you and goodbye forever.

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