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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
1. What is all?
2. Whom should you love?
3. For what should we give thanks?
4. For how long, a goodbye?
5. How are you feeling today?

These, and so many other questions, I ask myself on a daily basis. And, on a daily basis, I find myself, over and over, so hotly smote with the rote replies and inane rejoinders such queries unavoidably elicit.

The rest is all hilarity.

P.S. Today, upon the Microregion's most crowded autobus, I caught a glimpse of one who was, most likely, my ultimate progenitor. Upon pulling madly on the pulley system, a bell rang, and the bus was stopped. A systematic search of the seats, though, revealed no one resembling said Madman.

Go, and never come back.

The end.

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